In Deauville red carpet is stretched throughout the year

Where Sarkozy met Merkel

What Normandy attracts stars of cinema and top politicians with

Milena Dimitrova

When Angela Merkel was in our country, Boyko Borisov presented her the center of Sofia and treated her at a famous restaurant at the Ariana Lake. Where, however, did Nicolas Sarkozy take the same guest? The French president chose Normandy, the most delicious northwestern province of the Republic, to which during the Second World War, and before that all sorts of invaders have strived. And now throughout the year it’s as if there were five holiday seasons. Deauville, the most glamorous resort in Normandy was occupied by stars of cinema, top politicians and all sorts of celebrities from the elite of tennis, golf and equestrian sports. VIP personas have not accidentally chosen Deauville – everything here is perfect as a ball of cream on any ice cream of the most prestigious quality. Milk, butter, caramel, and even the grain of Normandy are recognized by the gourmet experts as the best in France. “Deauville is heaven on earth”, exclaimed writer Marcel Ashar. However, he hasn’t gathered the courage to admit that this is “Heaven Calvados” – here the apples are special, and the fire water the french derive from them fuels the glory of Normandy. But the fact is that the croissants – the most famous Buns of France, are the real deal namely in Normandy because of the fragrant oil, and simply put, because all the products here are green, far above the ridge of Stara Planina. As architecture Deauville also stands out – dark wooden beams cut through the geometric facades, windows follow the style of expensive stained glass masts of yachts can see their reflections in them- they’re that close to the ocean.

To Buenos Aires in the footsteps of unexpected passion

Adventure in Tangopolis

(Real life case from August 2010, in which just the name of the girl has been changed)

Life of calm, but lonely Elizabeth M. was turned upside down by a TV show. On a satellite channel, she detected a film about a French student who launched a call for a course in tango. Ten people signed up. The girl employed a random hole in Paris and turned it into a “milonga” – for the Argentines it is a hall for dancing or any premises where dancing tango. This was the first time Elizabeth had heard of “milonga”, but the idea eclectrifies her: random strangers gathering somewhere, almost no talking, only the look sticks hands and bodies together and bears them in trance for an hour, no more than two, while all other worries no longer matter. Words such as “milonga” and “kabeseo – a call, sent with a glimpse or catchy look that makes two people into dance partners – have been in circulation since the beginning of the twentieth century, the first” boom “of tango.

In Budapest shines the most lavish christmas market in europe


An illuminated tram flies near the Donau river and sends the wishes to good old Santa 
Milena Dimitrova

Budapest shines with new glory before Christmas. 
The holiday bazar on Vyoroshmarti square is the richest and most beautiful hristmas market in Europe, according to british newspaper “Sunday times”. The list was released in late 2008 and this fact became the starting point of Budapest’s advertising and the development of tourism for 2010 and on. As reason for this success the british note the urbanistic solution and the architecture.

Seven Days Wonders of Jordan

The Hashemite Kingdom is waiting for you if you’re tired of old resorts, and do not know where to fo, but do not want to be disappointed
Milena Dimitrova
Pictures: author

I fell inlove with Jordan, because every day unforgettable things happened to me. I felt in a completely different emotions. I floated in two seas, roamed around resorts with visibility to four countries, conquered deserts, fortresses, oriental markets. Everywhere I felt calm and peaceful. I stocked up on spices and musk – a orange piece with timeless aroma, which can’t be found on global markets for perfumes. I enjoyed the seven days in Jordan because I came back as reborn, empowered to do my usual duties. If I gained strength from energy facilities.

Visiting the spa at Spa City, where Casanova himself bathed

  Ultramodern baths in Belgium have been rinsing kings, queens and the aristocracy of Europe for centuries

Milena Dimitrova

Especially for the magazine “Eve”

There are at least two topics that I’m immediately ready to argue about. That Belgium is boring and sleepy state. And that SPA does not mean anything other than “health through water” – “Sanus Per Aqua”, from Latin.For some people this explanatio would be enough, however, they will fail in “Who wants to be a Millionaire”. Spa is a romantic city in the eastern part of Belgium and this is the correct answer! Legions of the Roman Empire were quartered in these lands and it has since carried the glory of the mineral springs of Spa. It became so notorious that in English and in Japanese not something else, but the name of the town of Spa became synonimous for health and relaxation, for all the extras in the bathroom and in the pool. Not that I like to argue or to exclamate, but there are grounds for exclamating. I have for example in Finland after a sauna jumped – but really fast, hot from the sauna in the freshly drilled hole in the ice on the surface of the lake outside. In Jordan, a hammam has returned my strength after a two-day walk through the desert and through the rocks. I’ve been splashed by an open air jacuzzi on the roof of the hut near the ski slope in Colorado. Believe me, that the Belgian town of Spa in Thermi took the coolest from around the world and through new technologies have turned the pool into a galactic center.

From the Baths in Rome there are only pieces of antique statues left, only exhibits of archeology, in real spa that boy of Michelangelo’s or Pheidias’ nails your breath, as if he were alive and a strong young man, so to speak. It is clear also that tradition is really showing, like an English meadow, and how nicely it is clipped at the height of fashion. Furthermore, the counter doesn’t take out entire bills from his wallet, but instead ticks silently and gradually in the spa. Three hours cost 17 euros. All day to splash around – 27 euros. In return, they give you a … plastic token. With it you can pass through the automatic door. It is like a coin for the wardrobe. Then it enters like a dial in a watch, which is fastened to the wrist and nothing happenes to it, while you swim in the pool. The same token-gatekeeper opens the barrier to the tourist area – when wet swimsuit starts getting in your way.